News Release

Redemption Of $60,000,000 5.50% Fixed Rate Notes (The "Notes")

Banyan Tree Holdings Limited, (the "Company") wishes to announce that the holders of S$32,750,000 outstanding Notes have exercised the option pursuant to Condition 5(c) of the Notes and accordingly, the Company has redeemed S$32,750,000 outstanding Notes on 13 August 2008 (the "Redemption Date") at their principal amount together with interest accrued thereon at the rate of 5.50 per cent. per annum for the period from (and including) 1 August 2008 to (but excluding) the Redemption Date.

  • Payment of Redemption Moneys
  • The Company has made payment of the redemption moneys in respect of S$32,750,000 outstanding Notes to the holders of such Notes in accordance with the payment instructions provided by them to the Company and Condition 5(c) of the Notes.

  • By Order of the Board

  • Jane Teah
  • Company Secretary
  • Dated this 14 August 2008