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Appointment Of Additional Director And Changes To Audit & Risk Committee Composition

The Board of Directors of Banyan Tree Holdings Limited ("BTH") wishes to announce that Mrs Fang Ai Lian will be appointed as a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Audit & Risk Committee ("ARC") of BTH with effect from 1 May 2008. Mr Dilhan Pillay resigned as ARC Chairman and continues to serve as a Non-Executive Director and a Member of the ARC and the Nominating and Remuneration Committee.

The Board considers Mrs Fang Ai Lian to be independent for the purposes of Rule 704(8) of the Listing Manual of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

Following the appointment, the Board and ARC of BTH now comprises the following Directors:

  • 1. Mr Ho KwonPing, Executive Chairman
  • 2. Mr Ariel P Vera, Group Managing Director
  • 3. Mr Timothy Chia Chee Ming, Lead Independent Director
  • 4. Mr Dilhan Pillay, Independent Director
  • 5. Mrs Elizabeth Sam, Independent Director
  • 6. Mrs Fang Ai Lian, Independent Director

  • ARC
  • 1. Mrs Fang Ai Lian, Chairman
  • 2. Mr Dilhan Pillay, Member
  • 3. Mr Timothy Chia Chee Ming, Member
  • 4. Mrs Elizabeth Sam, Member
  • Details of Mrs Fang Ai Lian's appointment are released via SGXNet as a separate announcement.

    By Order of the Board

  • Jane Teah
  • Company Secretary
  • 28 April 2008

  • DBS Bank Ltd and UBS AG, acting through its business group, UBS Investment Bank, were the joint global co-ordinators and bookrunners of the initial public offering of the shares in Banyan Tree Holdings Limited.

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